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ProBid LLC is a Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry approved continuing education course provider.
ProBid Training Program whose purpose was threefold:
Outreach and recruit economically disadvantaged, minority, women and small business enterprises interested in conducting business with governmental agencies and corporate supplier diversity. 

Train businesses in the fundamentals of profitable bidding and estimating.

 Teach businesses how to locate bidding opportunities online and perform  computerized cost estimating and bidding.
We were also very successful in eliminating financial barriers that have traditionally impeded businesses from winning jobs and succeeding. Assist contractors to secure a revolving line of credit to cover upfront project cost such as labor, material and equipment.  This will increase the amount of work and number of jobs businesses are bidding on and winning with different governmental agencies. The ProBid training program seeks to address these issues by teaching business owners how to develop their capacity, knowledge, and ability to perform on commercial, governmental and industrial projects.​
As a result of our efforts businesses owners and managers that have taken the training and use ProBid software have experienced a 30% increase in awarded bids. Thus, governmental entities have increased the pool of disadvantaged certified businesses who are knowledgeable about the competitive and profitable bidding process. 

Probid is continuing on the cutting edge of technology implementing On Center Software, Inc., On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid. This helps to ensure failsafe practices coupled with an effective communication tool that helps to create an environment of transparency. 

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Computerized Estimating, QuickBooks, Successful Negotiating, Computer Basics, Business and Technology  approved for 7 Credit hours by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.  Plus we offer a one credit hour energy course.